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About Eatitudes Mission


Chef Koushik

The MaddChef as Koushik S.

is called, has been passionate about food all his life. A celebrity Chef with a few famous TV shows Samayal Samayal, Masala Express, and currently Thamizhagathin Samayal Champion. He passed out of IHM Bengalooru, and has been responsible for a lot of the start up chains of F&B Retail in the country. Be it a restaurant, a kiosk, a bakery or any other food and beverage concept he is the person you would have to look for in India.He used to manage product development at Café Coffee Day, JavaGreen (Part of Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group).

He aspires to become a Master Chef in a few years. He has a pan India clientele and is currently working on projects in Delhi, Jamshedpur, Vishakhapatnam, Vellore, Mumbai, Bengalooru, and Chennai too.


Chain Operations, Multicuisine, Menu 2.0 (Creative Cuisine)


Recruiters and Trainers


Nadeem Ahmed :
Nadeem Ahmed is a Chain Operations specialist, who has had international exposure. His professional career started when he passed out of a premier hotel management institute and joined a leading retail outlet. It is here that he met Chef Koushik and the grand alliance began. Chef Nadeem after Qwiky’s went over to Muscat to work with Nandos for 5 years. On returning from Muscat, Nadeem joined Koushik in Eatitude and the alliance continues.

Arun Kumar:

Venkatesh Raja:
Venkatesh Raja or The Creative chef, has specialized in Human Resources. Undergone Training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner from NFNLP, Florida, USA, And Alpha Mind Power Level I & II and is a Member of Life Academy (Association of Training and HR Professionals).  He has varied experience in Kitchen Operations, Teaching, and Training & Development and has worked at Hotel Sea Breeze, Madras Inst Of hotel Management, Asan Memorial College, Habitat Hotel, Bharathi Inst of Hotel Management, Dolphin Hotels ltd, Apollo Sindoori Hotels Ltd & Soup & Salad café.

Yet another person with hotel management background, Peter has got extensive experience in the hotel industry. While doing his stint in one of the leading star category hotels, Peter has completed hi MBA in Human Resource. His affinity does not stop with servicing, but goes on to music as well, where he is fluent with the drums and guitar.

Amudhan comes with a MBA in Hr and has been rightfully placed in Food and Beverage Recruitment. Has represented the state in Volley Ball. He is the “go to” guy in office with regard to anything to do with external communication. He is a natural cricketer. His networking is absolutely amazing, after having got into network of chefs and has learnt the nitty gritty details of food and beverage recruitment.



Chef  Ramandeep:

Chef Shyam:

Chef Shyam, popularly known as Perfect Chef in his professional circle is a pass from a leading hotel management institute. He further enrolled in Advanced Culinary Course in Continental to perfect his skills in Continental Cuisine and hence got his alias name of Perfect Chef. His work experience in Leela Trivandrum and Shy Gourmet has put him in good stead of being appointed as Culinologist at Eatitude. Venkat as he is called in our office, is passionate about photography. He tryst with photography started with his father’s camera and it has struck with him ever since. What we meant is the passion and not the age old camera. He has eaten out more than he has had at home, often inviting the wrath of his parents for the same.  The style icon he is with his goatie and stud, he has inspired a lot of people in office and in his social circle to hit the gym to gain fitness.  
“A little anecdote, in case we are looking to go to another place for a reason, we would look at all modes of travel, if nothing works out, we would definitely postpone our  travel plans but Shyam being a biking freak, would take his bullet and head to the location “
Speciazation: Continental and Oriental Cuisine

Chef Kamesh:

Chef Kamesh or the Cool Chef is also an alumni of Asan Memorial  College of Arts and Science. His inspiration to take up catering is his mother. His specialization in Bakery and Confectionary makes him the person to turn to when it comes to his forte. His specialty does not stop there; he has exceptional knowledge in Mexican cooking and coffees as well. Having trained in Courtyard Marriott and GRT Grand Day in Chennai, he is knowledgeable in standards set in star category properties. A winner in College Chef competition, an additional skill what Kamesh has got is his innovative ideas that he incorporates into his cooking and the passion with which he does them. He has worked in Dewberry’s and in Grand Mathway Bread House.
Kamesh is the garnishing specialist, which has gained a lot of importance of late to make the food more appealing to look at. His interest in garnishing probably began because of his interest in drawing, which he had picked up at a very early age. In his office desk or in his bag you would always find a book to do with pastry. If he was to be eating something, what would be running through mind would be about how he can make it in a better way. In terms of cricketing skills, Kamesh is ambidextrous, were he can bat both left and right handed. On Sundays one can find him at the Madhavaram Cricket Ground, playing the game. If he is not in the cricket ground, you can definitely find him cooking for his mother in their kitchen. He does not play only cricket, he is good at chess too.
Specilization: Bakery Confectionary and Café

Chef Bagyaraj:

Chef Bakiaraj is a busy man on weekends, as he has to perform behind or on top of the bar counter and has to show off his flair and bartending skills. He has been aptly called Don Bakiaraj, because of his affinity with Italian food. Be it behind the bar counter or behind the live Italian counter, he has pampered all his guests and rightfully called The Pampered Chef. Bakiaraj is multi faceted, he is a lovely artist and wonderful with the guitar. After having worked with the leading star category hotels and a leading cruise line, he joined Eatitude as a Culinologist.
Specialization: Bar and Beverages

Chef Vikram:

Vikram’s name is synonymous with the act of rescue and rightfully he has been called The Rescue Chef. Through the thick and thin Vikram has been with Shyam and Kamesh. Their association which started during their U.G. days, is going strong now. Indian food is Vikram’s favourite and he has developed a fondness for street food over the years. His specialization is much more which includes continental, Chinese and fusion food. Having worked in SkyGourmet, he knows the in and out of hygienic large scale cooking. His experience in Fortune Resort Bay Island in Andaman & Nicobar has made sea food his favourite food. Standing to its name, his work stint in Lemon Tree has made him realize the importance of freshness. Having worked in Dewberry’s, The Soup and Salad Café, Raakozhi, Eleven Fine Dining, his horizon of work is wide.
Vikram is a State Level football player and an athlete too. He was the gold medal at state level meets in his school and college days. His current work is on A Study on Street Food in Chennai, where he is involved in making a documentary on various street foods available in the city of Chennai. Thallu Vandi Kadai as these are popularly called in the local dialect is having an annual turnover of a little over 300 crores and caters to a substantial amount of the floating population in Chennai.
Specialization: North Indian

Chef Shameem Qureshi:
Dum Phukt

Chef Thangamani:
Specialization: South Indian

Chef Senthil:
Specialization: South Indian.

Chef Ramprasad:

Chef Ganesh Thapa:

Chef Dhilli:
: Japanese

Chef Md. Irfan:

Chef Muneer:

Chef Saukath Ali:
: North Indian

Chef Naushad:
: North Indian

Chef Sultan:
Specialization :
North Indian

Chef Chitra Narayanan:

Operations Specialist

Chef Nadeem
Chef Salim
Chef Arun


Senthil Kumar.D:

Backed with his studies in Mechanical Engineering. You give him your restriction and your requirements of your kitchen or your service area, he would give you a design which would satisfy both your requirements and your restrictions. The time he has spent at Eatitude, has made him an expert with kitchen equipment and equipment required for the setup of a restaurant.


Another engineer of our team, he comes in with an MBA as well. He is well versed with design softwares such as Auto Cadd, Pro E Wild Fire, etc. His core is in automation and his skill in design is exceptional.


Kiruba Shankar.R:

He went to one of the premier colleges in Chennai to finish his Visual Communication degree. Also he is specialised in visual effects. Did his Diploma of Visual Effects in a leading animation centre, Chennai. He designs with Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDraw. He has collaborated with 38 major companies like Ayngaran International, Spotlight Media, and KONE Elevators etc.. As many would say it Design is 7* Spa."


Creative Design


Food and Beverage Marketers

Vinu Shankar.M.A:

Vinu also comes from an engineering background. But his passion for food and interest in the restaurant industry prompted him to do an MBA with a specialization in Hospitality Management. He has been with a start category hotels for MBA project and his research was in Employee retention. On moving into Eatitude, he has got into human resources and marketing as well. Vinu has represented his school in district level tennis tournaments.