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About Eatitudes Mission


The Madaras Kafe

The Madaras Kafe located in the basement of Isphahani Center on Nungambakkam High Road is a south Indian Veg Kafe which serves dishes generally not got in other places. The snacks items are unique in nature. It has been been specifically designed for people who are out shopping or for the college crowd that frequent this mall. They have a lovely spread of cold beverages.

The Soup and Salad Café

The whole concept of starting Soup and Salad Café was to introduce Chennai to a concept of eating out which does not disturb the waist line. As the name suggest this café serves soups, salads and few signature items as well. Located in Kasturba nagar, 1st Cross St in Adyar, it is one of those silent locations in a busy Chennai setting.


Dewberrys which is located in Rajasekaran street, off RK Salai, is a resto-café. They have a lovely out door area which is surrounded with trees. They serve a wide variety of cuisines such as Continental, fusion, Sizzlers, rolls, wraps and desserts. It’s a hidden find kind of a place with a serene atmosphere.

Funk and Jazz

Funk and Jazz

Kalmane Koffee

It’s a retail coffee outlet which has started. Their coffee is home grown an they have a wide variety of hot and cold beverages. Unlikely may be the case, for people who are not interested in the coffees they have snacks as well.

Java Green

Java Green is café chain which has a nation wide presence. It is part of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. They have a variety of hot and cold beverages. It started as a in-store café in Reliance and has then moved on to other store locations. The recipes that are made here are exclusive and the ingredients are propriety in nature.

Qwiky’s Coffee

Qwiky’s is coffee retail chain who have their outlets all over the country. They were one of the pioneers who have introduced the coffee pub culture to India. They have a huge variety of hot and cold beverages and quite a variety to serve for people who a munch as well.