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About Eatitudes Mission

Fine Dining Restaurants

Hundreds Heritage

Hundreds Heritage is located near the Silk mill Bus stop in Gandhi nagar, Vellore. Anyone who comes into Hundreds Heritage would have something he would love to have. Hundreds  Heritage has a wide menu, including the far eastern China or splendid flavours of Italy or the best of mocktails to quench your thirst, or our very own Tandoor, Hundreds Heritage has it all. The locale of the restaurant is subtle and serene, but the choice of food what you would get inside, you would be spoilt for choices. 100 Heritage is set inside a house, where renovation has been done for the sole purpose of introducing Vellore to a perfect Fine Dining experience. Air conditioned  and kid friendly,  Hundreds Heritage is large group friendly too.


Azzuri Bay

To be spoilt for choice of cuisines, you need to go to Azzuri Bay located in Adyar on First Crescent Road. It serves Mediterranean, Italian, Oriental and you get our kind Chettinad dishes as well. Azzuri bay has got 3 levels of service and the roof top overlooks the Adyar bridge. Open for lunch and dinner, this place has in side seating as well.

The Rassa

Fine dining and vegetarian, these are the words that are synonymous with The Rassa. Coming from the house of Sri Krishna Sweets, this place serves authentic vegetarian food. Located on Venkatnarayan Road in T.Nagar, The Rassa is air conditioned and can accommodate large groups. Though they don’t home deliver, the option of take away is available.


Plush interiors, great food and complementing services, this is what Eleven fine dining is all about.Located in the Jagapathi plaza in Sripuram Junction in Vizag, Eleven is a multi cuisine restaurant where you get some of the best Indian food in Vizag. They do out door catering and take out and it is friendly for kids and large groups as well.