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About Eatitudes Mission


Burger Man

Burgerman is a kiosks which serves burgers and hotdogs. Its an apt place for quick bite. The patties that come from their central kitchen and microwaved and served hot. The story behind the logo is the level to which a person would have to open is mouth when he has to bite into our burger. The red has been used to induce the appetite. Need less to say, our Burger Man is famous across the city.


Petawrap is a place where you get your roles in veg and non-veg. The cost of food is priced in such a way where the food is for the masses. The kiosk is modelled with an auto which is a very common mode of transport in Chennai. It would be found in quite a few places across the city and they do at sight for your parties.


As the logo shows, the food is served on a stick. Skewys, they operate out of a kiosk. Found in Adyar, Anna Nagar, Gopalapuram, Mogapair and Thiruvanmiyur, they operate in the evenings and is pretty popular with the youth.

Rolls and Ryce

Found in the basement of Big Bazar in Royapuram, they serve a wide variety of rolls.

Chennai Idlies

Staple breakfast for South Indians, idlies and these served from a kiosk? Yes that’s what Chennai Idlies is all about. Found around Chennai, it has catered to people who don’t take the trouble of making the dough and then making the idlies.

Snack Jack

It is a kiosks which serves bakery and sandwiches kiosks found in Chennai in front of supermarkets around the city.

Bholenath’s Bhel

Bholenath’s Bhel

Amity Greens

Amity Greens