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What Our Customer Say About Us

“Koushik was the Head of Product and Development. He was responsible for bring out new and improved line of coffee based drinks for the company's flagship venture Qwiky's Coffee. He was majorly active in the creation, quality control and maintainance of the patent coffee drinks that were supplied in all of Qwiky's coffee outlets open through out India. 

Excellent support system with quick remedies and equiped with experience while troubleshooting issues on an outlet to outlet case. Passionate to quality and was ardent in the upkeep of balance between standard parameters and mandatory clauses. 
Assurance to bringing out novelty to whatever he puts his hands into.” April 18, 2008

Kevin Simon, Owner, Fairytale Weddings & Events (worked indirectly for Chef Koushik at Chimayo Chains (P) Ltd.,)

“Koushik worked with me at Qwiky's and Javagreen. In both organizations, he has had valuable contribution. Koushik is a very creative and result oriented team member and manager. As product development manager at Javagreen, his contribution was very valuable. Often, he has exceeded the expectations.” March 7, 2008

Sashi Chimala, Founder, Coffee (managed Chef Koushik at Javagreen (P) Ltd)

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